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Thailand General Election 2011: The Hidden Story

The 2011 Thailand general election result come as predicted by every one in the kingdom Of Thailand when Pheu Thai party voted majority by the people and now in the process of set up a  5 parties coalition government of 299 secure votes, the majority of Pheu Thai party votes came from North and North East of the country while in the south Pheu Thai party was lose all the candidates even in the  conflict deep south  of Patani, Yala and Narathiwat province. The democrat party secured 9 seats out of 11 seats in the far south while Bhumja Thai and Mathuphum party held one each in Patani province 2 different constituencies.
3 Sothern Provinces in the Past Election
The conflict area south  was the bed seat of  ‘Wahdah group(United Group)’ led by Malay ethnic, Wan Mohd. Noor Matha, the executive committee of ‘ New Inspiration Party’ headed by General Chauvalit Yongjaiyuth later Wahdah group moved to Thai Rak Thai party headed by Thaksin Shinawatra, the Wahdah candidates under both above parties were given the Minister seats by both General Chauvalit and Thaksin Shinawatra  government respectively marked as the first real political bargaining between the Malay south and the Thai in Bangkok after the failure of Democrat party to allow Den Tohmina to sit on the minister chair as promised , this give and take was to  heal the conflict,  to show the spirit of non discrimination of Thai state toward the Malay ethnic in the conflict south(post insurgency of the 70s-80s).
In 2007 General election, Democrat party gained 1 seat in Narathiwat, 2 seats in Patani and 2 seats in Yala, Phalang Prachachon(Pheu Thai) got 1 seat in Narathiwat and 1 seat in Yala,  Pheu Pandin 2 seats in Patani and 1 seat in Narathiwat and Chat Thai got 1 in Narathiwat. The  democrat candidates were elected 5 seats  out of 11 seats in the year 2007.
The End of Wahdah Group
The general election of 2011 is marked as the end of Wahdah group(found in 1986) completely after the zero candidate was elected from Pheu Thai party in 3 southern provinces even the youngest brother of Wan Noor himself was also missed the seat to parliament, in fact Wahdah group had experienced the broken bone of unity in 1995 when Den Tohmina, one of the most important founder and the first leader of Wahdah was quit the group,  Wan Noor Matha was then completely dominated the Wahdah  and  indisputably  become the leader of the group. Wahdah group was politically  fight for the basic right of Patani Malay people and socially raised up  the image of Patani Malay standard, good in education and in living. Wahdah was the only political group of Patani Malay people that can unite and provide the clear cut policy to benefit  them all.
Why Wahdah fall?
In every rally  campaign of Wahdah group every where during the hey day(1989-2002) was full of audiences and attractive, every one come to  help in order to get Wahdah candidate elected to the parliament to represent the interest of Patani Malay people, Wahdah MPs talked and speech in the parliament to protect and ask  the Patani Malay interest, created the useful projects,  construct the road to the villages and support the Patani Malay higher education and religious activities.
Wan Noor Matha was promoted to the rank of Minister and the highest position of judiciary, the speaker of national parliament and become well known figure in the country as ‘Mr. Clean’ while other MPs of Wahdah group starting the promised by asking the rotated chair of Minister, Den Tohmina was unsatisfied with the Wan Noor Matha priority and quit the group(1995), starting the split, later Wan Noor Matha promoted his family members to take part in every level of  political competition, thus become the family party and become the most important cause of the fall of Wahdah group beside the political change, even thought Wan Noor Matha tried hard to build a new blood in place of the old one, people began to bore and left.
The Complexity and The Amazing 2011 Election Result in the Deep South?
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