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The Complexity and The Amazing 2011 Election Result in the Conflict Deep South!

Many people are astonishing about the result of  July 3, 2011 in the 3 conflict provinces of the south where Democrat party was mostly elected by the people and PeuThai of wan Noor Matha was out classed.
Democrat  is a party of the south, if you want to be Mps then you must first be the democrat, the funny quote about 10 years back in the south was “even the electric pole is elected if  it’s  the democrat candidate”. The majority of southerners are democrat as the majority of North and North East is Pheu Thai, even though  the  Democrat is  every things to the south but not the  3 southern most provinces. Democrat never win the heart of the people in this area because of the ‘one way communication’ and ‘the lose contract’ with Patani Malay Muslim MPs about the position in the cabinet as promised and the famous Buddhist statue placement in the government school where the  majority students are Patani Malay Muslim.The  3 southern most provinces, then become the hot bed competition between the democrat and it opponents while democrat never had any land slide victory in the history of  election except  the 2005 and July 3,2011.
Poll station in Yala Constituency 1
Why Democrat overwhelm the others?
The veteran  politicians  say that being a government in the time of election is in most advantage position, democrat party in 3 southern border provinces prior to the July 3, 2011 election is in the condition of most and complete mature position to win all the seats in this area, the factors which promote this hypothesis are as follow:-
1. The National government is the Democrat means the center of power is in favor of democrat party.
2.  Southern borders provinces administrative center (SBPAC) is re-established by the democrat and the head of this organization is the local Buddhist of Khokpo district,  Patani province, growth or progress in the civil servant office as the ‘child of the big man on the royal side’ with high speed line to the top position.
3. The district officers including the governors of the provinces in the area are supported and promoted by democrat to the top position.
4.  The Democrat ‘s candidates in the area is a well known Muslims and former MPs except in Yala Province constituency 1, the all time Buddhist of Chinese origin Mp- Prasert Pongsuwansiri.
5. Head man and Head village in the area are strictly order to participate with the government.
6. Many parties are competing in the election by placing the Malay Muslim as candidates , in turn divide the voters  of   Pheu Thai party.
7.  Money, surprisingly no any parties or no any candidates talks about the ‘vote buying’ contradict to  the previous election where the high light of the event was to ‘protect the vote buying’ and  ‘the unfair game of money politic’, in fact money were  heavy spent in this election by the political parties and according to some sources say that democrat was the most heavy spender in 3 southern border provinces , in some area of 3 southern border provinces  the amount of 1,500Baht (50$US) were paid per voter if the opponents spend at 1,000 Baht(25$US)per voter, 200 baht(7$US) per voter was common spending in this election by both political contestants. The rumor came that some MPs had spent 60,000 million Baht(1,800,000$US) to come to the parliament in the southern border conflict provinces.
8. The ‘green suite’ or green uniforms in the area are the’ best handy man’  in supporting the democrat to the historic landslide victory with 9 MPs out of 11 seats in this 3 border provinces.
9. The decline prestige of Wan Mohd. Noor Matha, the veteran politician and respected political figure of  Patani Malay Muslim in the area. Wan Noor placed his family men in all level of politic by election and ignore the capable young new politician. These capable young men are join difference political parties and become the political fore in the election arena.
10. The insurgency in the south, in trying to protect the SBPAC to the last as the tool (propaganda) of conflict south solution achievement , democrat was doing every things to get most Mps in the southern border province constituencies and after the election result, Nipon Bunyamani, the democrat veteran said that people in the southern border conflict area  is in favor of democrat party to solve their problems by maintain the SBPAC as the solution center not the Mahanakorn autonomous Patani of Pheu Thai party.
Peu Thai party and Democrat party, both have the legitimate claim to solve the conflict south in their own way on the difference basis, one is the legitimate government and one is legitimate voters respectively, these had brought the feeling of fear and unsafe to the people in the area because Tak Bai massacre was  the best example of the political supremacy competition between the two parties.
Candidate's Poster of Yala constituency 2


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