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downstream Sg Pinang (at the Patani Road Bridge). Here, they conducted the same exercises and to their disgust, they found the huge contrast in river ...


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129. The exact total for the Muslim population in the three southern provinces and the country as a whole is a subject of much conjecture. …….Calculated from the 2000 figures …...provided by the Islamic Committee Office of Thailand, Gilquin quotes extraordinarily high figures of …….7,391,235 for the country as a whole and 3,454,300 for Pattani, Yala …..and Narathiwat combined; Michel Gilquin, The Muslims of Thailand, …….trans. Michael Smithies (Chiang Mai: IRASEC & Silkworm Books, 2005), pp. 39-40. Using the official …...figures, McCargo estimates that .Malay Muslims make up approximately 80% of the total population of the three provinces of 1.8 million, ie. 1,440,000; Duncan McCargo, ….Introduction: Rethinking Thailand`s Southern Violence” in Critical Asian Studies, Vol. 38, No. 2 March 2006, p. 3.
130. The Thai education system played a crucial role in this policy of assimilation. A colleague from Narathiwat province once told me of his experience as a student in a Thai …..government school in Narathiwat, where in place of the legends of Malay cultural heroes like ang Tuah he learnt about while in the pondok, he was obliged to read Sang Thong …..and other classics of the Thai literary canon.
131. The difficulties are manifold: the uncertain security situation; fear on the part of the locals of the consequences of divulging information to unknown outsiders, and the lack of …..familiarity with the local dialect and culture on the part of most researchers. Given such methodological obstacles, one would wish for more humility on the part of many ….academics in their representations of the situation in the south.
132. The difference being, however, that the objective of the Thai state is fostering an Islam over which it has administrative control.The map is included in Bunkrom …...Khongbangsathan, Kan to su khrang sut thai khong phon ek Chavalit Yongchaiyudh (Gen. Chavalit Yongchaiyudh`s Last Struggle) (Bangkok, Offset Press, 2005). The map is …...unpaginated, it ….appears following the table of contents.
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140. The crisis in the south since 2004 has led to a nostalgic revival of nationalistic propaganda songs from the military dictatorship era, including “Rak Kan Wai Thoet (“Let`s …...Love Each Other”), whose title is somewhat reminiscent of the name of Thailand`s former ruling party, `Thai Rak Thai`. A re-mixed (but artistically inferior) pop version of this …..assimilationist classic of the 1960s by assorted artists (affiliated with an entertainment company with close business links to the Thai Rak Thai party) in response to the crisis in ….the south can be listened to at http://www.kapook.com/ musicstation/newmusicstation/play.php?id=4240 (Incidentally, this is a good example of how decades of statist discourse ….has created its own mass market, now exploited by Thailand`s culture industry, which is today far more efficient at producing and disseminating cultural product than its …predecessor, the bureaucracy). On the subject of Thai rock music and nationalism see Suradet Phakphian, “Rok rak chat tae chat (chai) mai jam pen tong rak rok” …(Patriotic Rock, but the Nation Does Not Need to Love Rock) Wathanasala http://www.wtnsl.net, December 10 2005. A Malay version of the song complete with Malay lyrics is …also available for the benefit of Malay-speaking Thai nationalists, produced by the Ratchaphat University of Yala and sung by the artists from the same university and the Public …Relations Department (see http://www.thaisnews.com/prdnews/peace_song/song_south/song_1.html)
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Thailand is a violent society, with the highest homicide rate in Southeast Asia and the second highest in Asia (8.47 per 100,000 in 2000), well above the United States (5.5), and more than most developed countries (typically between 2 and 3). See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki%20/List_  of_countries_  by_homicide_rate
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and it is still a large emitter of lead and organic matter into the Pattani River and Pattani. Bay. In 2002,there are 32 factories inPIZ:8 are in the... http://www.idt.unisg.ch/org/idt/ipmr.nsf/0/ba36f291e3369d29c1256fc5002f70d6/$FILE/IPMR_6_1_2005_LEOSENG ZIMMERMANN FINAL.pdf
raised to /i/. Thus Standard Malay (12) enam orang dalam ggnggi (meaning 'six people in the river') yields. (13) /nnE orE dalE sunga/ in Pattani Malay, but ...
The Masjid India Patani presently sits on the banks of the Patani river and is flanked by a small park as well as a sting of riverside houses. ...

Mar 9, 2009 ... the Malay courtly text, the Hikayat Patani. Patani's strategic location at the mouth of the Patani river and its proximity to the ...
Muda River is flowing from Patani, and it meanders to the South Kedah, and reaches the. Malacca Channel at the end. And more, Baling area that there is the ...
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collections (Gua Glaf, Raman District, and Gua Tana, Patani State) which I have been unable to locate on any maps available to me. [Patani River (Sungei) is ...
Phraya river and its tributaries, and on the Gulf of Thailand .... Coastal wetlands, such as Pattani bay and Ko Libong, are ...
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