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"Seven soldiers injured and four in serious condition after the blast at bridge construction site in Banglang dam, Thanto district, Yala province. Bangkok post 7-4-2010
Police round up seven Muslim students in Songkhla province suspected planning to place bombs in Songkhla and Hadyai in the Songkran festival day. 6-4-2010 peace.chaotai.com
Eleven people killed and eleven injured in the mosque in Narathiwas province during the evening prayers. AIDE-MEMOIRE “ I 3th Session of the UN human right council 1st March 2010 to 26th March 2010
Six Buddhist villagers killed on Budo mountain ,Narathiwas province on the way back from hunting in the deep jungle. Bangkok post 2 -4-2010
These headlines become routine to the feeling of the people in four southern border provinces after a new round of unrest erupted in 2004, claimed more than 4,000 death and more than 6,000 injured ."

The latest armed conflict between Thai government and the Patani Malays (Orang Melayu) in present day south of Thailand started from January 4,2004 . The insurgency or the war of liberation in the sense, is a normal phenomena in this 4 southern border provinces since the “self-assigned Anglo-Siamese Treaty “ signed in 1909. The treaty had destroyed the dignity, sovereignty, liberty of Patani Malay people and erased the existence of Patani Malay Kingdom from the world map and it become the important root causes of the centuries long conflicts between Thai government and Malay Muslim of Patani. After Patani sovereignty had been robbed at the gun point, her leaders and people started fighting peacefully to restore her right and sovereignty( 1900-1950s) but both British and Siam not gentle enough to respond to the call and later, the armed fight for liberation and free of Patani was taken place(Late 1950s to present day) and become part of Patani Malay life in this northern end of the Malay world. When the conflicts will come to an end? Do they want to live peacefully side by side? Is peace possible in this conflicts? Why the conflicts is in the south?
Basically, human being is peace and social like animal, as far as their interest, dignity, right and honor do not disturb or destroy, certainly the conflicts will not emerge; on the contrary if they do so–the un-predictable conflicts will, of course burst out in order to save and protect their right and interest. For the British and Thai government , the issue of the Patani unrest (or the issue of Patani conflicts or the issue of trouble south or the issue of bandit gangster or the issue of separatist movement or the issue of Patani Malay power hunger or the issue of drug traffickers) are primarily, their responsibility (as the reason above mentioned). The question of war or peace is not rested on Patani Malay people alone but substantially, the British and Thai government . Hence, the question of “Is There Any Space For Peace In This Conflicts?” is primarily rested on the British and Thai government, not primarily the Patani Malay people(Orang Melayu) to give the anwers.

Children in the village absorbed 
the full violence fragrance



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