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Thai General Election 2011 : First Female Prime Minister

The Unofficial results of yesterday's general election indicated the Pheu Thai Party would win a majority of the 500 House of Representative seats and the mandate to form the next government
Yingluck Shinawatra is in position to  become the country's first female prime minister, although in her news conference yesterday, she did confirm she would become the next government head but she said she would wait for the official results.
"I don't want to say that Pheu Thai has won today. The people have given us an opportunity to serve and clethere will be a lot of duties ahead," she said.
"It is the exercising of rights by people that gave me this opportunity," she said at 8pm at the Pheu Thai headquarters, which was crowded with photographers, reporters, and many jubilant party supporters.
The unofficial result point out that Pheu Thai Party will win the election with 264 candidates elected, Democrat  160, Bhumjai Thai  34,Chat Thai Phatna 19,  Chat Phatna Pheu Pandin 7 etc. 
3 Sothern Border Provinces
All Democrat party candidates in the soutern part of the country including Patani Yala and Narathiwat or conflict area were elected except 2 seats in Patani contituency 3(Mathuphum party) and Patani contituency 4(Bhum Jai Thai party) both candidates elected are Muslim except in Yala constituency 1, Prasert, the Chinese born Thai and all time democrat MP.
After the clear cut election result unofficially released by the Thailand election commission, Mr Abhisith Vejjajiva , the leader of the democrat party had given the words to the media as follow:-
"It is now clear from the election results so far that the Puea Thai Party has won the election, and the Democrat Party concedes defeat. I would like tocongratulate the Puea Thai Party for the right to form a government." 
In the southern conflict area of 3 provinces of patani, Yala and Narathiwat,  9 democrat were elected  out of 11 candidates, with this elected numbers, does the Southern conflict policy will change or remain the same? Does Pheu Thai party will fulfill the Patani Maha Nakorn concept of Patani autonomy?


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