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Kingdom of Langlasuka and Srivijaya Empire

Langkasuka kingdom flourished between AD 200-300 – AD 1300-1400, China Liang dynasty had recorded the ambassador of Langkasuka visiting China in 6th century AD and other Chinese records believed that kingdom of Langkasuka was found in 2nd century AD. After extended her political influence to the Malay peninsula north end in Chaiya, now the district in Surathani, Thailand; Srivijaya or Srivichai empire brought the Buddhist civilization to this part of the world. Langkasuka at this juncture become the vassal state of Srivijaya empire and the people of Langkasuka become the follower of Mahayana Buddhism sect with Hindu arts and culture. The kingdom of Langkasuka had lost its prestige and influence in 8th century AD after Srivijaya empire set foot hold in the upper Malay peninsula. Srivijaya empire inspired her greatness with great force, strong band of army and diplomacy, after conquered the difference kingdoms in the Malay peninsula, her king had organized a good political order and set up the standard of Srivijaya administrative pattern and later introduced the Buddhism to her vassal states which become the back bone of the empire uniqueness while Hinduism remained as the main stream culture, art, tradition and state protocol. The influence of Srivijaya religion, art and culture still remain in some of Patani Malay living up to this day such as Wayang Kulit and the art of defence.

Sirivijaya empire was the greatest Malay empire in the Malay peninsula, because of her long peace and stability, the religion, art and culture flourished throughout the empire, Palembang become the center of Buddhism in the region while in Langkasuka, the Srivijaya image of Buddha and the art of painting in the cave were made in( now)Yala province. In the 11st century AD Srivijaya empire had come to her real decline and come to an end when the Chola from south India launched an attacked to her strong hold and her important vassal posts perished to the ground, Langkasuka was also attacked by the Chola and faced the same destiny . The sacked and plundered of Chola over Srivijaya empire destroyed the prestige and wealth, open the way for the port cities to initiate the direct trade with China and India. With the end of Srivijaya empire, kingdom of Langkasuka was also vanished from the historical page and the new kingdom emerged in 13th or 14th century AD named kingdom of Patani(Darussalam).


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