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Wild Flowers in a Small Town

September and October probably the starting month of the wet rainy season in Thailand South’s Border Provinces (Patani, Yala, Narathiwat and Songkhla). The Monsoon begin to bring the wet cloud to visit this part of the world every year.

 Rain in this month is unpredictable, it may come in the morning or evening even in the night or midday, thunder and storm are abandon causes people uncomfortable to come and go like in the previous month, they have to care about the wet; an umbrella is the most useful tool to guard the wet water out of their body.
People are not happy as usual because rubber tapers and fishermen could not work smoothly in this irregular month, in fact the basic economy of the people here in the Deep South depend on the Para rubber milk and the sea fish from the gulf of Siam.

In the midst of every day bombs and bullets, corpse after corpse from the centuries long conflict in this Deep South(Patani), life must go on-like this ‘wild flowers in a small town’ of Pattani province- amazingly blossom in the hard bad soil of the concrete town with out any wavering.What is wild flower? You may wonder ! wild flowers and the town or the city, the contradiction like traffic jam in the jungle or driving car in the sea! Yes, wild flower in the right meaning here is the natural plants full of flowers grow naturally with out any fertilizing or any assisting from human being, stand proudly and beautifully against the sun, the busy street, the people, the monsoon and the man-animal-machine feet in this small town of Patani.
 Most of the Wild flowers in this small town are a small, short crawl plants(about 2-3 cm. high to more than 200 cm. tall) growth in the roadside, Patani river bank, un-development or unused land in the town community residential area and in front or back of houses in the very town area of Pattani province.

The plants are not attract to many people due to their tiny shape, tiny flowers and crawled on the surface of the soil naturally. The color of flowers are vary, from yellow, white, orange, red, pink to purple and they blossom in this time of year after received efficient fresh water from October rain. Some of the plants were used for medical herbs in the old time but now this local wisdom are rarely meet, what left is their natural beauty, soil protection duty, and fresh scenery to people and this living world.


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