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Flowers in the Graveyard

Graveyard is the final destination of every human living on this planet  earth that never feel happy to go. Graveyard  is  the symbol of sadness, the home of breathless body and for some one the most fearful place on this planet earth that never dare to visit or passing by.

Graveyard according to Islam is the resting place before proceed  to the day of the  judgment, in the grave you will live according to your goodness and badness in your living world, for faithful Muslims Grave is a temporary happy home before moving to eternal life, so graveyard is friendly to every faithful Muslim, and Islam is encourage the living to visit the graveyard some time if not often in order to understand the human destination and eternal life. 

When some one die in Islam, they had to hurry to the grave for burial ceremony and after the burial, the Muslim Malay of Patani  will accustomed with naturally mark of living tree and flowering plant on the grave of the death that is at the head to the north and the feet to the south while the face of the death facing west in the direction of Ka’abah, the house of God in Makkah, Saudiarbia.

Normally in Patani graveyard will attaché to the west of the mosque but in some places graveyard is separated from the mosque or attaché right or left to them. There is the reason behind the attachment of the grave to the mosque that is after praying ceremony of the death in the mosque, it’s easy and comfortable to move the death to the grave in a short distance.

To day, the memorial stone play important roll in marking the death but still the flower plant and tree get some space in doing so, here is the beautiful flowers and plants that we can find in the graveyard compound in Patani, now in the  south of Thailand.


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