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Drive through 4066 Highway(Talohaloa-Palo Batas)

Map Showing 4066 Highway from PYN NEWS
The 4066 highway is one of the most important strategic development of modern Thai government in the south of Thailand, The 4066 highway is about  28+485.968 Kilometers started from Talohalo(Telok Halo) village in Raman district, province of Yala and end up at Palobatas(Kepala Batas) village in Nyingo district, province of Narathiwat. It is the connection between Yala province and Narathiwat  province on the shortest rout, which can reduce the journey about 40 kilometers from the all available old routs in the area.
Budo Mountain Seen from Bacho District, Narathiwat Province
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Budo Mountain
Budo mountain range or Bukit Budo in Malay language is famous for its beauty, natural resources enrichment, sharing great  events in the history of the area as well as famous for the war of Patani Malay defense  and liberation against Siamese invader.
Budo Mountain is part of Sankala Kiri range lie as the back bone of southern Thailand, in some area lie through difference districts of Yala province such as Betong, Yaha, Bannang satar, Thanto, Raman and many districts in Narathiwat province such as Bacho, Nyingo, Waeng, Sungaikolok, Sukirin including some districts in Patani province such as Thungyangdeang, Kapo, Saiburi.
Climb Up the Hill of  4066 Highway

The Construction of 4066 Highway
The original project of 4066 highway Talohaloa(Telok Halo)-Palobatas(Kepala Batas) started in 2004 and will completed in  2006, the project has extended the duration  for  5 times  due to the unrest situation and land payment problem  of the villagers, in 2009 the Democrat government passed the construction of the site to the Thai army in place  of Private construction company and  in 2011, the project is completed by the army which using the total duration for 8 years for  28+485.968 Kilometers long.
Short Cut and Beautiful Scenario
This  4066 highway is run from west at Talohalo intersection , Raman district, Yala province to the east  end up at Palobatas connected with high way 42, Nyingo district, Narathiwat province. This 4066  highway run  through the Budo mountain range at its highest point of 200 Meters from the sea level,  from this point of resting area every one can see a beautiful part of  the flat area of  Narathiwat province,   the coastal area of gulf of Thailand and the greenery of rubber and palm plantation of  Narathiwat province beside,  a beautiful stream is available at this resting point area which every one can enjoy bathing from natural water flow down from Budo mountain, the water is clean, fresh  with natural aroma.
The Resting  Area,  to the East is Narathiwat  Coastal Area at 200 Meters Above Sea Level

Strategic Highway
The 4066 Highway  is very important for the  connection of the two provinces of Yala and Narathiwat in term of convenience and duration of journey because its become shorter than the most convenient old routs about 40 kilometers but the unrest situation become an important  hindrance to the popularity of the highway itself. The Budo mountain is well known on it prestige associated with the unrest or liberation events for more than 200 years since Patani was annexed by Siam. The  majority of separatist camps or headquarter in the jungle is hidden in this high tropical forest area, the mountain also  connected with the deep jungle of Malaysia and can easily come and go between  two sides of the border, the border security always talks between the two countries.
Since the Malay villages are every where at the foot  of the Budo mountain, then the relationship between the separatists and the villagers are always in the “focus alert” of the Thai government, this ‘focus alert’ had become the all time important humanitarian issue of the Thai government and 4066 highway is one of the best tool of the Thai government to die down the support of separatist movement among the villagers who live scattered at the foot hill of the legendary Bukit Budo.
The Over All 12 Meters Wide of  4066 Highway


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