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Armed Civilian in Thailand South: License to Kill and to be Killed

BANGKOK (Reuters) May 2004- Revered Queen Sirikit has urged all Thais to work with the government in its fight against the violence in the largely Muslim south, where almost 500 people have been killed since January....Queen Sirikit, speaking after a wave of attacks on Buddhists in the troubled south, said she had asked the southern army commander to train female Buddhists to use guns and she herself would learn soon."I promise that at the age of 72, I will learn how to shoot guns without using my glasses," she said in a 50-minute address televised late Tuesday...
The nation Thai had long been experiencing in men and women armed civilian on the condition when the sovereignty of the state was in danger, threatened and in war, the rulers will distribute the weapons and trained them before asking to fight against the intruders.
People of Bangrajan in 1765, fought the Burmese army for four months in trying to defense the camp Burmese invasion, finally the Burmese army destroyed the Bangrajan camp arrested and onslaught the people to the ground before moving to second conquer of Ayuttaya in 1767.
In 1911 king Rama VI established the Scout(Suer Pa) unit in order to armed training the people and the officials to defense the country in the time of war as appeared in some foreign country in the same period.
Cho Roa Boa on Night duty
In the 1970s and 1980s, the armed civilian were organized by nearly every organs of theThai government in order to fight back the communist party of Thailand. The interior ministry organized the People scout(Looksuar chauban-in 1971 under the supervision of Thai border patrol police) under the patronage of king of Thailand, the scout were training both spiritual and physically(armed training for selected scouts) for the purpose of indirect protection of the Kingship institution in Thailand, The king will hand out the Flag to ‘every training session’ finished of people scouts with some special instruction and secret power. The people scouts were spreading quickly to every provinces in Thailand. 
Volunteer Soldier or Tahan Pran was established in 1974 by General Chauvalit Yonjaiyuth in order to encounter the strategic policy of Thailand communist party, the communist party usually recruit the people from the village to fight the government and Tahan Pran also recruit young people(mostly involve in criminal activities) from the village with some salary given by the army; Tahan Pran later proof to be most effective units in fighting against the communist party of Thailand and this Tahan Pran also play a very important role in fighting the southern insurgency by recruiting the local Malay people , most of them involve in criminal activities and some of them identify as criminal by the police authority,  the report of abusing behavior are common in the Tahan Pran units.
Company Territory Volunteer Preserve or Au-sor was established in 1954 under the authority of Interior ministry working for the defense of the country on the people level, the defense deputy district officer is the commander of this volunteer company situated at the district office all over the country, the volunteer preserve playing very important role in fighting the insurgency in the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and now. The members recruit from the local people all over the country but  work in their own locality which unable to transfer to other units or other locality, In 3 southern border provinces the local Muslim Malay people had been recruit to fight their own brother since this organization had been established.
Village defense volunteer or Cho roa boa(village police) is a defense volunteer of the village, established in 2004 after starting a new round of insurgency in the south of Thailand and later spread to many provinces of the country. Cho roa boa is under the administration of administrative department, ministry of Interior and responsible by the head of each village in the area affected by the insurgency. The Cho roa boa recruit young villagers to be the members, the salary were given through each of the head of the village which uncertainty, complain were abandon about the corruption of head of the village which not pay the monthly money to the Cho roa boa. Cho roa boa were not trained at first but later the primary training about how to use weapon were arranged, such as Browning, M16 and others. M16 were given primarily to the Buddhist village which consider as safe by the authority while the Muslim Malay village are not and Cho roa boa are subsidized (cheap price and license to possess this weapon) the 19 mm.short gun if they can afford to pay the price.
Cho roa boa the easy target of the insurgents
Cho roa boa established in 2004 to fight the insurgents and to assist the police, military and the local authority in  southern Thailand. The insurgents regarded the Village defense volunteers as the enemy and placed them in the first priority targets on the reason that they work for the government as an informer, the defender and the combatants. Both Muslim Malay and Thai Buddhist village are joined this project on the obligation basis,  head of villages are forced to organize the unit of Cho roa boa in each of their own village that’s become the targets to both of Them, here is some example of incidents which targeted at the village defense volunteers:-
28/01/2011 at 12:00 AM, Five village defense volunteers were wounded in a bomb blast in Yala yesterday morning shortly after escorting teachers to school. Bangkok Post
Monday, December 15 2008At 10:00 PM in Rueso district, Narathiwat province, a group of eight heavily armed militants forced their way into 50-year-old deputy village leader Mr. Withaya Ranwet’s home and shot himdead as he watched television with his family. The gunmen then instructed Withaya’s wife to hand over two government-issued firearms, as well as radio communication equipment, while holding the couple’s nine-year-old son at gunpoint.
Tuesday, December 16, 2008 At 2:30 PM in Rueso district, Narathiwat province, two gunmen on a motorcycle shot dead village defense volunteers Mr. Niphon Saechu and his wife Mrs. Dawan Saechu, 45, as they made their way home from a village market.
Sunday, January 18 , 2009 At 8:00 PM in Kopho district, Pattani province, district defense volunteer Muammatrusalan Salaemae, 34, was shot dead by an unknown number of gunmen in a pickup as he sat chatting with friends outside the home of Tambon Administration Organization (TAO) chairman Abdulroning Seng. Three other villagers, including Abdulroning, were also injured in the attack.
Sunday, January 18 At 11:15 AM in Raman district, Yala province, Mahamatsaisu Sasu, 30, a former volunteer soldier and military informant, was shot and killed by an unknown number of gunmen in a pickup as heand fellow villagers pushed their motorcycles to higher ground after rising floodwaters submersedthe farmland where they were parked. Two other villagers were also shot and injured during the attack
Saturday, January 22 AT 22.50 Pm Muang district, Patani province, Wae-Ibrohem Matrudin, village defense volunteer and the army informer was shot dead near his house, his body fail on the roadside and his 11mm. pistol was taken away from his body.
The Thai security official  believe that more than 200 weapons taken away after the shot dead of village defense volunteers, in turn a very few cases were met on the side of the insurgents, despite the example of incidents given above, the villagers still joined the Cho roa boa.
Her Majesty Queen Sirikit , the pioneer of Citizen village protection vouluteer
(Or Roa Boa)
Citizen Village Protection Volunteer or Or roa boa is the latest among the Para-military organization to fight the insurgency in Thailand South, General Permsak Puangsaroch the chief of Royal project of Queen Sirikit group 1 Yala province say that Or roa boa established according her Royal highness Queen Sirikit intention  which realized about the difficulties of the innocence people living in 3 southern border provinces had become the target of the insurgency, the weapons and other training program will boost the strength of people in the area both physically and spiritually in order to defense and maintain peace and stability in their own village. The training was mainly given to the Buddhist village and community later spread to selected Muslim Malay village and community.


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