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Who Is The Best Mediators?

When the conflict arise between the parties or group of persons, it is the Mediator that annihilated the worse to be better in a peaceful manner. Mediator is a person or group of persons that working on mediation purpose in order to reduce or stop the conflict with the peaceful mean. The world had suffered a series of great conflicts throughout the long history of mankind, million of them had been killed, injured or left to be a burden to the society they lived. War had, alternatively; become the final solution for mankind when the conflict of interest could not settle down, the fury of both parties unintentionally forced to do whatever mean they had in order to eliminate the others, Is this our forefather heritage?                                    
  Today, conflict is everywhere on this planet earth as many as thousand years back with different causes and reasons, different interest and goals but the strategic pattern and conflict tools are always the same that is the aggressive armed bands, used to defence themselves and destroy the others. The more you get weapons and human resources, the stronger you are - you’ll easily perish the smaller bands and become master over the debris of human copse and the calamity of world civilization. Do the smaller bands never had any legal right to practice their own culture and live peacefully side by side with the stronger, larger and bigger bands in this world?
Patani Malay in southern Thailand likes other smaller bands of Kashmiri in northern India, Bangsa Moro in the Philippine south, People of Basqe in Spain, Kurd in Iraq, Syria and Turkey, Chechen in Russian Federation, Irish in Great Britain and Tibet in China; these all smaller bands had for centuries faced the tragedy and disastrous living. To end their conflict and agony both parties of interest should sit and talk about the possible solution to avoid the more death toll of human being and stop human suffering, is the present of mediator necessary to solve this problem?
Peace and prosperity is the goal of every human being on this planet earth including Patani Malay in the south of Thailand, more than two centuries , they never lived in peace especially after the Patani-Siamese war of 1875-1876 - hundred thousand people were killed, tortured, injured, taken as captive to Bangkok and fled away from their homeland, took exile in neighboring state of Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei and middle east.
About 320 Patani Malays had again fled from their homeland to take refuge in Malaysia for safety  when the latest 2004 series of insurgency (War of Liberation in the concept of insurgents) started, these Patani Malays were fearing the barbaric attack of Thai security forces in their homeland like their ancestors did. Nearly 6 years of southern unrest, about 4,500 people were killed both Patani Malays and Thai Budhists and a numbers of negatively effectors from this hidden war; to save the livings and avoid more casualties of both parties, the sustainable peace is required and the mediator is needed to fulfill this task, Who is the most appropriate to work as mediator?

A demonstration of Patani Malay Muslim students asking for Justice after the shooting  of Tadika teacher and people in Air Batu Mosque, 3 deaths and many injured during Esha prayer
Recently, Prime Minister Tun Najib Abd.Razak had visited the South as part of his join new “Peace Process” (say, autonomy is a must) with Thailand Prime Minister Mr. Abhisit Vejjajiva( Patani Malays not include), after landing in Bangkok, the term “autonomy” was vanished from Tun Najib lip and the term “internal affairs” of Thailand is highlighted instead. In fact, every Malaysian’s Prime Minister were not dare to talk openly with Thailand ( about Patani case on the reality basis) because of Malaysia inferiority in term of historical past, military advancement, numbers population, numbers of army and the most important of all, is the mutual interest (Gas pit in the Gulf of Siam-not belong Thailand and Malaysia but Patani Darusslam) of the two countries(that’s why Dr. Mahathir Muhammad, former Malaysian’s Prime Minister stabbed at the back of Patani Malay by sending the Patani Malay leaders to Thailand in the 80’s(now still in Bangkok’s prison) as a precious gift of mutual understanding of both countries after plotted these Patani Malay leaders to fight the communist party of Malaya in Betong jungle and sending another Patani leaders in the 90’s in exchange of Malay religious figure who took refuge in Thailand and many other cases that Malaysian’s leaders stabbed at the back of Patani Malay leaders and Patani Malays). By these treacherous reasons and Patani Malay leaders are not included in the process, the sustainable peace will never happen in this region and Tun Najib and other Malaysian’s leaders are not appropriate to Play as a “key peace maker” for Patani case and Patani people, probably Indonesia is the best to take this role, bases on many factors that said above, Indonesia is more superior than Thailand in every aspects, the most important is that Indonesia has no territory or border of mutual interest with Thailand and the last is Indonesia had experienced in the war of liberation with the Dutch (Patani is facing now day )and the golden peace process in Acheh crisis.
Remark : Thai and Thailand term are used from Phiboonsongkram period onward prior to this period Siamese and  Siam are used to denote the same meaning that is Thai People and Thailand.
Patani Malay (Orang Melayu )in the South of Thailand is a series of articles about the current unrest(started on January 4,2004) in the present day southern border provinces of Thailand(Patani).The objective of this presentation is to uncover and discover the facts of the problem, to analyse the root causes of the conflict, current situation and possible solution in order to end the conflict.                                                                                                                                                      
Krisek (Krue Se) Mousque
            The first Patani Elegant Grand Mosque( not the first Mosque as generally  Understood  by  the people and some Experts on Patani Issues) built by Patani Rajah with  the Middle Eastern Achitecture, Survived  as the Ruins after Plundered by the Siamese Army  which Considered the Worst Atrocity  of its kind in the History of Patani


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