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The Situation of Saiburi Royal Family Escape to take Refuge in Kelantan

Translated from เหตุการณ์กลุ่มราขินิกุลเมืองสายบุรีหนีราขภัยไปเมืองกลันตัน
By  รัศมินทร์ นิติธรรม
มูลนิธิลเล็ก-ประไพ วิริยะพัน (http://lek-prapai.org/index.php)
Tengku Abd.Kadir Kamaruddin Raja of Patani
 After  the dead of Phraya Saiburi Tengku Abdulkadir(Ni-Lamai) King Chulalongkorn or Rama V of Siam (1868 -1910) appointed Ni-Pae son  of Phraya Saiburi((Ni-Lamai) as Phraya-suriya-sunthorn-baworn-phakdee Sri-maharaja Matta-abdulwibul-kobkate-prated-malayu  the governor of Saiburi, appointed Ni-pi younger brother of Phraya Saiburi((Ni-Lamai) as Phra-Ratana-Montri-the assistant governor and Ni-Hitam younger brother of Phra-Ratana-Montri (Ni-pi) as Phra-wiset- wangsa-assistant governor of Saiburi.
When Phraya Saiburi (Ni-Pae) was appointed  the governor of Saiburi, he moved out from Nyiringa(Nyigno)  palace to construct a new palace at Salingdongbayu now situated in  Taluban Su-District , Saiburi district, Pattani province.
After Phraya Saiburi (Ni-Pae) moving out from Nyiringa(Nyigno)  palace and resided at Taluban Salingdongbayu palace, left a huge  Nyirigna people and community  behind with out any leader, the Siamese government then appointed Ni-kuechi(Ni-Kari) from Bumae village(now in village No.1 ,Nyigno district, Narathiwat province) as  Mae-Kong- titled Muen-sawek -Amat or people called Tok Mae-Kong.
Ni-kuechi(Ni-Kari) or Tok Mae-Kong  Muen-sawek-Amat  married to Ni-Putih, a  relative of Ni-Bongsu- the royal guard of Phraya Saiburi(Ni-Pae), governor of Saiburi. Originally, Ni-Bongsu is resided in Nyiringa(Nyigno)but came  to live with the governor in Saiburi because of duty. Tok Mae-Kong Muen-sawek -Amat born one son to Ni-Putih, name Ni- Wae Ni-kuechi( later received royal title as Khun-Lahan Pracha-Chet)
Mean while Bangkok government had sent down Khunluang-Sukhumwinit as commissioner of Patani and had adopted a new collection of  opium and liquor tax by divided  percentage  of 50-50  between Patani and Bangkok, later he had collected land tax from people with out given any receipt, this in turn had given him an opportunity to collect land tax many times a year.
In 1900 the Siamese government had imposed the new collection system of  import and export tax in Patani by given  12.5 percent  of revenue received from the collection to Patani while another 77.5 percent was sent to Bangkok. The Patani Rajas opposed the new tax system of Siamese government by saying that the authority of tax collection was belong to them not Siamese government, the Patani Rajas feel uneasy with the situation and started to oppose the Siamese government, this led to an arrested of  Tengku Abd. Kadir Kamarudin, Patani Raja in the morning of Friday,  21 February 1902 by Phraya Sri Sahathep, deputy interior minister. After the arrest, Tengku Kamarudin Abd. Kadir was deported  to Songkhla and Pitsanulok respectively, he was charged with treason(disobeyed an order of Siamese King)  and sentenced to 3 years imprisonment in Pitsanulok.
Tengku Abd. Muttalib Raja of Saiburi
In March 18,1902  Khunluang-Sukhumwinit, the commissioner of Nakornsrithammarat arrested Tebgku Ngoh Shamsuddin, Raja of Legeh with 8 of his men and at the same time Tengku Abd. Muttalib, Raja of Saiburi was also arrested. The situation at the time was insecure for the royal family of Saiburi then they decided to send their family to take refuge in Kelantan.
Ni-Bongsu was one of the royal guard with 5 or 6 others had the order to protect  10  Saiburi royal family during travelling to take  refuge in Kelantan .
In this adventure, Ni-Bongsu had arrested Ni- Wae Ni-kuechi  son of Muen-Sawek-Amat as   the hostage because his father,  Muen-Sawek-Amat was a Siamese official and better known about the rout to Kelantan, Muen-Sawek-Amat had a lot of relative all  the way long  to Kelantan , starting from Legeh, Boango, Joh-Irong until Sungai Padi because he was originated from Baenu(Yaning ) village,  Joh-Irong. The Saiburi royal guards better known that with out his son in the company as hostage  there will be a negative threat to the security of Saiburi royal family.
Tengku Ngoh Shamsuddin Raja of Legeh
During the travelling  of Saiburi royal family to seek refuge in  Kelantan , they faced a lot of difficulties, they ate very simple food, slept in simple places,  sometimes people were  given food  to eat but people along the way pay much attention and respect when  they   knew that the company  belong to the royal family. At last the company reached  Tok Ra-Weng village situated  between Legeh and Kelantan and probably out Siamese government influence.
When reached Tok Ra-Weng village, Ni-Bongsu the chief of Royal guard had a serious sickness and had to stay at Tok Ra-Weng house for treatment,  Tok Ra-Weng was a man who migrated from Raweng village,(Jerang(Yarang), Patani) and establishing himself there.
Tok Ra-Weng village was a pier,  transporting merchandise to Tok Mo’  village(gold mine) thus had a bit of development. Ni-Bongsu was treated at Tok Ra-Weng house for many days but not yet better, the royal family then had decided to left him for further treatment at Tok Ra-Weng house and  they went further crossing the river to seek refuge in Kelantan.
After recover from sickness, Ni- Bongsu did  not travel to Kelantan to join the royal family there but established himself at this village by married  the woman in this village and born one son, Ni-Hae bin Ni-Bongsu.
Ni- Wae Ni-kuechi, the hostage of Saiburi royal family feel insecure  with out his close relative(Ni-Bongsu) joining the company of Saiburi royal family, in the night he escaped himself from the royal company,  until morning the Saiburi royal family knew the story of Ni- Wae Ni-kuechi but did not pay any interest to get him back because they were too tired and now they feel safe in Kelantan dominion. The royal company traveled further to Pasir Puteh village, Kelantan and established their family until this day and they never  come back again to Saiburi.
Patani Soldiers


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