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Asean's Minority Muslim Communities : Autonomy Not Independence

Muslims minority communities in Asean countries that are struggling for greater rights should not seek independence but rather meaningful autonomy, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak  in Kualalumpur.
He said that Muslim communities in countries such as Thailand,  the Philippines, and Myanmar must be made to understand that they must live under their current national governments and do their part to contribute towards their respective country's moral and social well being."They must forget the idea of an independent Muslim state as it is not realistic”.
"There should be meaningful autonomy, not independence," he said in his keynote address when officiating the International Symposium "Islam and the New Era of Asean Countries" here Tuesday. He said such communities should be granted autonomy and protection with regard to their religious, linguistic and cultural identities while their socio-economic opportunities must be enhanced.

"Muslims must also understand their responsibilities towards non-Muslims.
"There must be a peaceful coalition as this will bring about socio-economic development," he added.
Najib reiterated Malaysia's commitment towards promoting a peaceful resolution in restive areas in the region.
"It is Malaysia's honour and privilege to help broker the signing of the Framework Agreement between the Philippines' government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF).
"We are also assisting the Thai government in stabilising security and improving the socio-economic development through bilateral cooperation," he said.  However, he acknowledged that Malaysia played only a mediatory role in the peace process and would not interfere in the internal affairs of the respective national governments.
Earlier this year, the Thai government approached Malaysia to host peace talks with rebel groups in restive Southern Thailand, resulting in the signing of the General Consensus Document to pave the way for a dialogue process for peace in the provinces. and in the last October, Malaysia helped broker a milestone peace deal between the MILF and the Philippines' government, ending one of Asia's longest secessionist rebellions which began in 1969, and aiding the establishment of the Bangsamoro autonomous region in southern Philippines.


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