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The BRN Five Ponts Demand for Peace Settlement in Patani Conflict

The Barisan Revolusi Nasional Melayu Patani(BRN) has made public with five demands for a peaceful settlement to the conflict in Patani( the deep South) through its official channel on YouTube for 3 minutes 45 seconds on 28 February 2013 and  said it will continue fighting until a goal  is reached.
The first statement made by Hasan Tayyib,  BRN chief negotiator talking about the establishment, objectives and goals of the BRN  followed by   Mr. Abdulkarim Khalib,  a staff delegation of BRN since March 28 dialogue between Thailand and BRN in the Kualumpur, Malaysia capital. A second round of talks is to begin on Monday 29 of March 2013 also held in Kualumpur, Malaysian capital.
The following  is  Mr. Khalib five-points demand:-
1) The "Siamese(Thai) government" must accept the role of the Malaysian government as “mediator” of the peace talks and not just as a "facilitator".
2) The peace talks will be attended by only the Melayus led by BRN, and the authorities of the Siamese(Thai) government. ("Melayu" is the self-description of the BRN, used only for Thais of Malay origin in the deep South. It is one key to negotiations.)
3) Representatives of Asean members, members of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) and other non-governmental organizations should be allowed to observe the discussions.
4) The Siamese authorities must release all detained suspects without conditions, and must suspend and stop issuing additional arrest warrants for other suspects.
5) The BRN’s status must be recognized as a Patani liberation movement, not an insurgency group.
Mr. Abdulkarim Khalib has also concluded that the struggle of the BRN can lead to peace and justice, to the establishment of a state, if God willing.
Beside this five points demand, Hassan Tayyib has assured peace and justice in the Patani land to all of their people,  whether  they are Malayu, Siamese (Thai Buddhists)  or the Chinese if the negotiation reach it goals.
Lt Gen Paradorn, the Thai chief negotiator said he could not say immediately whether the conditions are acceptable. He will discuss the statement on Monday at the talks with Mr Tayyib and his group.
Lt Gen Paradorn due to leave for Malaysia Sunday afternoon with members of the negotiating team as follow:- deputy permanent secretary for defence Gen Nipat Thonglek, secretary general of the Southern Border Provinces Administration Centre Pol Col Thawee Sodsong, special advisor to the office of permanent secretary for defence Gen Samret Srirai, chief of the Special Branch Police Pol Lt Gen Sarithchai Anekwiang, a representative of the Internal Security Operations Command Maj Gen Nakrop Boonbuathong, Narathiwat governor Apinan Suetanuwong, director of the Deep South Watch Centre Srisompop Chitpiromsrim and Army Region 4 chief of staff Maj Gen Charin Amornkaew


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