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RKK Made Donation for Flood Victims in Bangkok

"Southern Bandit donated fiber glass boats for flood victims in Bangkok"
Thai News Paper on Rkk Donation Story
Nanglueng Police in Bangkok blocked the pickup truck(Hilux Vigo)-loaded with  20 fiber glass boats placed one upon another because of the white inscriptions sprayed on both side of the boats said “ Sharing spirit helping flood victims by Jemudin RKK Group”. The pick up driver and his daughter was arrested by the police for investigation. The police said that the driver received 100,000 Thai Baht (USD3,500) cash donation from RKK group which fighting the Thai government in the South for the purpose of helping  flood victims in Bangkok but the flood relief center rejected because of the inscriptions on both side of the boats, meanwhile  the people reported to the police about the events, the police erased the inscription by  black spraying both side of the boat and released the driver and his daughter”. 
At the end of the last week busy flood relief in Bangkok, a small crime news section talked about the arrest of 20 fiber glass boats sprayed inscriptions of donation by  RKK group(see the translation above) for    flood sufferers in Bangkok Rama 8 area and the news was quickly vanished from the media after Metropolitan Police Bureau Commander ,Pol.Maj.Gen. Wichai Sungkhaphrapai made an investigation by himself, the suspects were released and all boats were black sprayed to eraze  the inscriptions.
Since the news were not pay much attention by the people, there was quickly silence by the society and medias but some group of people and medias  are trying to get the answers from this strange events  happen in the society.
Thai White Inscriptions on Boats for Donation
What is RKK?
RKK(Runda Kumpulan Kecil=Small group of army)is a group of Patani Malay people in the south of Thailand organized to fight the Thai government  for an independence of Patani, this RKK has been  operated as military department under the Patani National Liberation Front(BRN) established in the 1960s.RKK is considered as an out law armed group(terrorist operated in the conflict south-Patani )  by the Thai government, it become well known by  Thai Military and Thai government after gun stolen from Narathiwat province military camp on January 4, 2004 which marked as the beginning of latest insurgency in the south. RKK fully become the symbol of armed fighting with various technical attack using the up to date technologies and local wisdom such as remote control bombing, timing bombing, cell phone bombing, car and motorcycle bombing, grenade throwing, arson attack, specific target shooting, drive by shooting, kill and stolen the weapons and many others. According to Thai army, RKK is a well trained young men with the commando spirit of fighting lives every where good in the village, the town and in the jungle in a small group not more than 10 people.
The appearance of “Fiber glass boats donation for flood victims in Bangkok” was an unknown purpose, or whether it’s really made by the RKK group?
The Opinion

Srisomphob Jitpriromsri, lecturer and the director of Center for Conflict Studies and Cultural Diversity (CSCD)Prince of Songkla University, Pattani Campus says “ there’s nothing to take effect because of this event, we don’t know what is the real purpose of creating this and who is behind  because Bangkok is not the RKK zone of activities, I think people in Bangkok not familiar and don’t know what is RKK, possibly, they may understand as the   name of companies”
Mr. Thongplaew Janpaeng who owned grocery store said he will accept the donation even from RKK group if they have the spirit of helping other people difficulties and will distribute all boats to flood victims.
Mr.Suchart Thong-inn, flood victim in Nakon Chaisri district, Nakonpathom province said that he will not accept any donation from bandit gang(RKK)because he believed that they are not sincere as the way they fought the Thai government.


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