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Takbai-Taba Go

Crossing the ocean with a small passenger  boat 
Elegant Dome of Al Falah mosque
Koleh Boat or fishing boat ready for fishing
Bunga Raya at Al flah mosque
Relief of Balcony of Al Falah mosque
Dome of Al Falah mosque

Taba is the name of the village in the sub-district  of Che’ he lie about 33 Kilometers from the city of Narathiwat. Taba is in the district of Takbai and 3 kilometers distance from Takbai district town. 

Takbai become famous   and well known place through out the world when the Thai army dispersed the peaceful demonstration of the Patani Malay people who want justice from the Thai officials arrested the innocents charging of rebellion and stolen the weapons from village protection volunteers on October 25,  2004  causes 78 people died of suffocation, this incidence were named by the people as the “Takbai Massacre”
Yala central Mosque where my friends live nearby
To day I am not going to talk about the ‘Takbai Massacre’ but would like to bring you to travel with me to this famous short destination from my home town in Patani, pick up my friend in the town of Yala and drive through road No.4061 to Yarang district turn right at the Yarang intersection to Mayo district and reached Palas business area before  taken highway 42 to Takbai and reached Taba at about 14.00 pm with the distance of about 260 kilometers come and go, this travelling is going  through pictures of my own amateur shot with short description and majority  of pictures are in  Taba…. ready! go! go!
Destination Taba, the  fishing village 
The other side of the estuary is Malaysia the town of Penkalan Kubur
Owner of Passenger boat resting - escape the sun heat of the day
The traffic in the estuary Sugnai kolok river
Koleh Boat- coastal fishing activities
Color flags something connection with traditional Malay believed
The wonderful flag and the Malaysia immigration building and custom check
Carry out the fish from coastal fishing
The kids enjoy playing at the sea coast
Ferry crossing the channel for both countries

Budo mountain at Al falah mosque Yengo, Narathiwat
 on the way  Back


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