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Join Us: National Conference for Media Reform

What is NCMR?
The National Conference for Media Reform is the biggest and best conference devoted to media, technology and democracy. Thousands of activists, media makers, educators, journalists, policymakers and people from across the country are coming to Boston for the fifth NCMR on April 8-10, 2011. Register Today.

Together we will explore the future of journalism and public media, consider how technology is changing the world, look at the policies and politics shaping our media, and discuss strategies to build the movement for better media.
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·                                   @ Session Topics
·                                   @ Policy and Politics
·                                   @Social Justice and Movement Building
·                                                     @Journalism and Public Media
·                                                     @Media Makers, Culture and the Arts
·                                                      @Technology and Innovation
·                                                       @Workshops and Trainings
·                                                                                                                   @Self-Organized Sessions
·                                                                                                                   @On Site Meeting Space
·                                                                                                                   @Schedule
NCMR 2011 is your chance to meet, share ideas with and be inspired by thousands of people who care about the future of media, technology and democracy. Whether this is the first time you've considered how media affect our lives or you're a committed media reformer, your voice is needed.
On April 8 - 10, you'll join activists, media makers, educators, journalists, artists and policymakers. You'll find sessions about journalism and public media; technology and innovation; policy and politics; arts and culture; social justice and movement building; plus how-to workshops and hands-on trainings.
And that's just during the day! In the evenings, we'll screen films, catch live music performances and hear rousing speakers.
We'll unveil the full program and schedule for NCMR 2011 in March. Until then, the information below will give you a taste of what to expect. Stay tuned for updates and announcements.
Session Topics
Media reform, media activism and media policy are the conference's core topics. Seven related themes will organize all of the sessions and speakers:
Policy and Politics
Sessions in this track will highlight critical media policy debates, discuss how to advance the public interest in Washington, and explore the media's impact on some of the world's most pressing political issues. Policy and Politics topics could include:
  o                    The National Broadband Plan
·                  Closing the Digital Divide
·                  A Look at Broadband Stimulus Money
·                  Network Neutrality
·                  Reclaiming the Public Airwaves
·                  The New Face of Media Consolidation
·                  Online Privacy
·                  How to Fix the Broken FCC
·                  The Next Communications Act
Social Justice and Movement Building
Sessions in this track will look at the connections between media and social, political and economic justice issues, as well as share strategies for organizing a diverse, savvy and effective popular movement for better media. Social Justice and Movement Building topics could include:
·                  The Fight for Media Justice
·                  Uprooting Astroturf
·                  Battling Hate Speech in the Mainstream Media
·                  Exploring Communication Rights
·                  The Future of Internet Freedom & How To Get There
·                  Immigration & Media Reform
·                  Women and Media
·                  Building a Boston Media Reform Network
·                  How to End the Media's Sexualization of Girls
·                  Citizens United
·                  Representing Trans and Gender-Nonconforming Identities and Communities
Journalism and Public Media
Sessions in this track will focus on the future of journalism and public media, spotlight innovative projects and policy ideas, and survey the diverse landscape of public, noncommercial, community, ethnic, alternative and new media. Journalism and Public Media topics could include:
·                  Rebooting Journalism Policy
·                  Fighting for Public Media
·                  Community News
·                  Citizen Journalism
·                  The Future of Journalism
·                  The Media Diversity Divide
·                  WikiLeaks, Journalism and Modern Day Muckraking
·                  Follow the Money: Journalism and the Economic Crisis
·                  Cultivating the Next Generation of Journalists
·                  How to Amplify Issues That Matter
·                  Your Local News: Mapping Media in Your Community
Media Makers, Culture and the Arts
Sessions in this track will explore music, art, film and other creative media, showcasing inspiring projects, examining how media and technology are affecting our culture, and connecting the arts to media policy and politics. Media Makers, Culture and the Arts topics could include:
·                  Innovators in Public Media
·                  Comedy, Satire and Media Reform
·                  Youth Media Makers
·                  The Future of Journalism is ... Comics?
·                  Artists & Advocacy
·                  Local Media & Local Culture: The Music Community
·                  Freeing Culture: Remixing, Copyright, Fair Use and Beyond
·                  Mr. Radio Goes to Washington: Victory for Local Radio
·                  Hip-Hop to Reform The Media
·                  Community Access Media: Passing the CAP Act
·                  How to Build a Low Power Radio Station
Technology and Innovation
Sessions in this track will investigate how technology is reshaping media, politics and our daily lives. These sessions will feature new ideas from innovative thinkers using technology for social change. Technology and Innovation topics could include:
·                  The Future of Technology and Democracy
·                  Mobile Democracy: Your Phone Is Political
·                  Cutting the Cord: The Future of TV
·                  Hacks and Hackers: Online Organizing and Disaster Response
·                  Creative Surplus: Online Culture Making Change
·                  Global Net Freedom
·                  Owning Our Own Media Infrastructure
·                  An Entrepreneur's View: Social Media and Social Change
Workshops and Trainings
Sessions in this track will include how-to workshops, hands-on training, skills-building, "best practices" case studies, models for successful campaigns and strategies for engaging key constituencies. Workshops and Trainings topics could include:
·                  Making Washington Work for You
·                  The Lobby Game
·                  Media Education
·                  Popular Education, Media Justice and Digital Literacy
·                  The Media Money Trail: Investigating the Interests Influencing Media   Policy in Washington
·                  Decoding Gender, Race and Reality TV-A Media Literacy Workshop
·                  Combating Structural Racism in the Media
·                  Making the Mainstream Media Work for You
·                  Organizing for Media Reform
Self-Organized Sessions
We're also going to be announcing the addition of a series of self-organized sessions in the next few weeks. Stay tuned for more info!
On Site Meeting Space
While we are excited about all the topics the conference program will cover, we recognize that we can't possibly address all the amazing ideas and topics that are important to the media reform community.
Therefore, we will provide a limited amount of meeting space for attendees to hold sessions, discussions and meetings.
Sign-ups for the space will take place in person at the information desk and will be first-come first-serve.
You can reconnect with old friends and make new ones on the morning of Friday, April 8, 2011, when the conference begins - and we'll send you home inspired on Sunday afternoon. Registration and check-in will open on the evening of Thursday, April 7, and will continue through Saturday evening.
This tentative schedule will give you a sense of what to expect. All times are
subject to change.
·   Friday, April 8 - Conference sessions will begin at 9 a.m. and end at 6:00 p.m
 Stay tuned for updates on evening options: film screenings, parties and more!
·  Saturday, April 9 - Conference sessions will begin at 9 a.m. and end at 10 p.m. And don't miss the keynote session - it will begin at 7:30 p.m.
·  Sunday, April 10 - Conference sessions will begin at 9 a.m. and end at 2 p.m.
Be sure to stay for the plenary that will close the conference.
We'll have more details soon, so check back for additional information and updates in the coming weeks.


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