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Thai Muslim Not Malay Muslim

Orang Melayu (Malay People)
The majority of Orang Melayu or the Malay people is homed in Maritime South East Asia or the Malay Archipelago, while the others living scattered in Sri Lanka, the Madagascar islands in Indian Ocean off the southeastern coast of Africa and in Cape Malays of Cape town, South Africa. The land and boundary of the Malay people  stretched from the Sulu archipelago, now in the southern Philippine, Indonesian islands reach the upper southern part of now Thailand south,  isthmus of Kra, Prachuabkirikan province. The Malay originally believed, come from  southern part of China, after the extensive research conducted by (Malaysia)National Writer Organization(GAPENA) and the Indonesia researchers, concluded that about 50,000 years ago the Malay people was the earliest settler on the Sunda land. Sunda land was the group of islands in south east Asia, south China sea, straight of Malacca and Java sea; parts of the Sunda land were drown in to the sea after the end of glacial age. Being the earliest settler of the region, Malay world had developed a unique characteristic of culture and civilization through many kingdoms and empires in the Malay land such as the legendary Langkasuka kingdom(2-14 century AD.), Srivijaya empire(7-13 century AD), Majapahit(13-15 century AD.), Kingdom of Malacca(15-16 century) Patani kingdom(15-19 century) etc.
The expansion of Siamese kingdom to the South : Real Factor of Long Lasting Conflict
Patani(Pattani, Fathani) kingdom was the Malay Hindu-Buddhist kingdom in the northern Malay peninsula, later people converted to Islamic religion and renamed their country as Patani Darussalam; its northern part bordering with Siamese kingdom of Skhuthai(13 – 14 century AD) , Ayutthaya(14-18 century AD), Thonburi(18-18 century AD), Rathanakosin(18 century-present day) respectively. The expansion of the Siamese kingdom of Ayuttaya to the south nevertheless, effected the independence status of Patani Darussalm, later the war between the two kingdoms was unavoidable, the important war are as follow:-
*1563-1564 Patani’s Sultan Mudaffar Shah launched a sea-borne attack on Ayuttaya ( after Siamese claiming sovereign over his kingdom).and he was mortally wounded in battle field.
*1634 Raja Ungu, Paduka Sri Shah Alam repulsed the Ayuttayans attack and concluded a historic peace treaty.
*1786 Rattanakosin Kingdom of King Rama I subjugated the Patani Darussalam in an epic war where Sultan Muhammad blessed heroic death in the battle field and the partitioning of a quarter of Patani’s territory (Tiba(Thepa)) and Cenak(Chana)) to Siam-held Singgora(Songkhla). “The Siamese general is extirpating Pattany(Patani) all the men , children and old women, he orders to be tired and thrown upon the grounds and then trampled to death by elephant” record of Francis Light, the English captain on 13 December1786 after Patani Darusslam was defeated by 300,000 Siamese army strong. The record was paralleled with the tale of cruelties, lawlessness and inhuman treat at the hand of Siamese armies, this tale was passed by Malay Muslim of Patani to their children generation after generation, day after night lightening an ever lasting hatred and furious to the Siamese army and Siamese elements.
*1791 War of Independence under the leadership of Tenku Lamidin.
*1808 War of Independence under the leadership of Dato Pengkalan. After this war, change were made,
Rattanakosin court had divided Patani Darussalam into seven principalities as follow:-
1. Patani (Pattani)  2. Jala (Yala)  3. Nong Chik   4. Jering (Yaring)  5. Teluban (Saiburi)  6. Lemae (Raman)
7. Legeh (Rangae)
*1831-1832 War of Independent under the leadership of Tenku Sulong, the last conventional war between Patani Darussalam and the Siamese Rattanakosin. Many of the Malay Muslims of Patani, especially the elites class; exiled to Perlis, Kelantan, , Perak and other safety Places in the Malay and Muslim land for survival and dignity.
* ( ) Thai adoption
Capitation Receipt Used in Liue of Passport : Essential Factor of Un-Ceased Arm Conflict

(Translate from Original Document)
Royal Thai Government Emblem
     So. Po. Ko. Form. 49                                                                                           Gno 1598655
Capitation Receipt Used in Liue of Passport
  For year…. 1933…                                                     District Office… Bannangsata
Book . …2….. No. 146    ........ Date    10    Month       April    Year         2476(1933)
This receipt given to…. Mr. Waeuma        Race    …Melayu (Malay) subject of ….Siam…..
Age…. 58….. Years old ....Scar mark…Left hand’s forefinger…Appearance(identity) …….Medium
Name of Wife …Mrs. Sabanung… Reside .......at Village ....No.2......... Sub-District....Bannangsata..
District…..Bannangsata….Province…YalaMonton(Administrative unit)…..Nakonsrithamrat……
Had bring the capitation Amount …1……Year ….1933….. for completion of the payment
From   26 ……. Month.……6…… Year…….. 1933…     ……                         
                                   Signed……..                                                                      …Signed.......
                                   Collector                                                                            District Officer
                                                                                                                       Official Seal Attached
(This receipt valid only if the official seal of the district office is stamped and the collector signed)
Thai Muslim Not Malay Muslim : Another Factors of Endless Conflict
The Anglo-Siamese Treaty of 1909 had sliced Patani Darussalam to pieces(physically and spiritually) and later become the most important causes of the endless conflict between the Malay Muslim of Patani and the Thai government in Bangkok. In order to weakening the power of Patani, the government in Bangkok divided Patani land in to a small province of Pattani, Yala and Narathiwat while four districts( Chana, Natawee, Thepha and Sabayoi) was in co-operated to Solngkhla province. To stabilized the administration of the country, Thai Buddhist and Thai nationalism oriented policies were introduced to the Malay people in southern borders provinces. The main objective of this policy was to root out every Malay elements out of this land and earth, among the urgent policy was the ‘total assimilation’ including promoted Thai name to the Malay parents in exchange of an opportunity to work in the government office or school, Thai language become the official language solely in the Malay majority region, inter marriage between the two ethnics, transformed the name of the places from Malay to Thai, encouraged western dress and forbidden wearing the Malay Muslim dresses to contact with Thai official or passing the Thai government offices. The most importance change of Malay Muslims under the rule of Thai government in Bangkok was the adaptation of race or nationality of Malay people from Malay to Thai with out any good reason explained by Bangkok government. This change was politically oriented toward one Thai and one nation, intentionally to erase the Malay race out of Thailand. This policy worked successfully in Satun province (former Kedah district) but failed in 3 southern border provinces completely, Malay Muslim of Patani excepted such adaptation officially not spiritually. ‘One Thai one nation’, ‘Thai is great nation’, ‘ Thailand is the only nation that survive from colonialism in south east Asia’ and ‘proud being Thai’ policy proved out of date but Bangkok government never gave up their work because they always believed, by cracking down the racial sentiment and died down the origin of racial or ethnic awareness, Malay Muslim of Patani will automatically recognize themselves as Thai Muslim( born in Thai land, live by Thai ways, eat by Thai food, believe in Thai government etc.) not Malay Muslim(separatist, rebel, BANDITS, uneducated, poorest, not loyal to the King and the nation, it’s Thai land not your land, even an inch(of land) we never give you, go out from this land)


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