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Flood in the South 2010

The heavy rain brought by the ‘depression” hit the southern provinces centered in .Pathalung on November Nov. 1, 2010 causes many casualties and a lot of people badly effected in 10 southern provinces namely: Songkhla Setul, Trang , Patatni, Surathani, Nakonsrithammarat, krabi, Narathiwat,Yala, and Pahtalung.(60 districts, 236 Sub-districts , 1224 villages, 79,902 families and 292,744 people).Hatyai, the biggest business and tourism city, particularly popular with the people from Malaysia and Singapore lie some 950 km from Bangkok to the south with 1 million residences in its vicinity was the hardest hit by this flash flood which considering Thailand’s worst flooding in five decades
Image from Bangkok Post-Patthalung
 Flooding has hit 48 of Thailand’s 77 provinces, with the death toll rising by three to 107 people since October 10, 2010, the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation said in a statement today. The water has impacted a tenth of the country’s 66 million people and damaged more than 3 percent of total.
Electricity and the communication has been totally cut off , 2 or more meters of water level high in the heart of  Hatyai city made thousand of people trapped inside. All the trains scheduled to pass Hatyai were halted after 2 meters high water level flood the track and the platform.
Thailand flood may causes the damage of about 2.20 billion baht ($674 million) while the growth still maintain its level at 8 percent due Thailandention fundamentals economy are ‘strong and resilient’ said Thailand’s prime minister to day.
Image from Bangkok Post-Hatyai
The water level in Patani province are increasing drastically, especially in Muang district on the Patani river bank where the water from Yala province in the south flow north to the Patani estuary, Yala province is safe from the flood and , Narathiwat province in some area, facing fresh flood badly. The. sign of improvement appeared in Hatyai, latest report said that Hatyai and adjacent area are now back to normal condition. Now the flood move further north with heavy rain in Trang , Chumporn, Pkrachuabkirikhan and Surathani province, emergency relief is needed.

Image from Bangkok Post-Hatyai

* Attention ! Why year after year the flood has more threat to Thailand?


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