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The southern unrest is the centuries long conflict between the Siamese state and the state of Patani. The conflict of “Historical information” started from the misunderstanding the history of Sukhothai Kingdom , the first Siamese state found in 1238 by Pho Khunn Phamuang and Pho Khunn Bang Klang Hao(not present day Thai race) located to the north of present day Bangkok. Kingdom of Sukhothai reached her golden age in the reign of King Ramkhamheng the great(1279-1298), son of Pho Khunn Bang Klang Hao (Pho Khunn Sri Inthratith, the first king of Sukhothai), during his reign the boundary of Sukhothai was extended far to the south covering whole of the Malay peninsular.
The Artefacts Excavated at Yarang Site
The southern boundary controversy of Sukhothai kingdom for a long time believed by modern Thai people, especially when matter related to the Patani problem; a symbol of Siamese greatness over Patani in particular and Malay world in general but later no evidence were found and the claim was dropped but the majority of Thai people still believe in the above concept( That's why the conflict still heated on).
Thasap Khaokuha Ancient Site, Yala Province
Contemporary Langkasuka Period

The historical “mislead” has played a vital role for the modern Thai people toward Patani conflict, by the idea of Patani was a part of Thailand in the historical past; Patani, has been for centuries become the defendant of Thai society, the traitor of Thai state, the bandit of Thai police and the terrorist of Thai government and Thai army.
The Portrait of Langkasuka Ambassador to Chiana's Liang Dynasty
6th Century Painting from China National Musuem
In fact, the Patani Malay had long been established their center of supremacy over the present day land of Patani province, dated back as far as second century AD. when the kingdom of Langkasuka was established in the Malay peninsular nearly century before the founding of Sukhothai Kingdom in early 13th century. Kingdom of Langkasuka, is historically proved; the progenitor of kingdom of Patani Darussalam (Negeri Tanjung Bunga-the cape of flowers kingdom ).The argument of kingdom of Langkasuka is not yet finalized, especially some Thai historians who believed in their own historical interpretation based on archaeological remains and Chinese records related to the kingdom of Langkasuka.
We will further discuss the argument of kingdom of Langkasuka in the next series article.
Patani Malay (Orang Melayu )in the South of Thailand is a series of articles about the current unrest(started on January 4,2004) in the present day southern border provinces of Thailand(Patani).The objective of this presentation is to uncover and discover the facts of the problem, to analyse the root causes of the conflict, current situation and possible solution in order to end the conflict.



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