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Patani Diversion Dam

Present day Patani river,  still beautiful and useful, specifically to her people and generally            to    her
land, she never feel tied in helping both of them. There are 2 dams constructed across Patani river that is Patani Dam and Banglang Dam in Banangstar district, Yala province.
Patani Dam-Upstrem View

  Bird Eye View of Patani Dam                 
Patani Dam was build across the Patani river at the adjoining area of Muang Yala district of Yala province and Khokpo and Yarang district of Patani province-situated at village No. 4, Tasik Sub-District, Muang Yala district, Yala province. Patani Dam is the first diversion dam with upstream reservoir, flood protection Dyke was constructed along the river’s both banks, thus originated a large reservoir along the original river.Patani Dam is 25 kilometers up stream from Patani town on road No. 401, 15 kilometers down stream from Muang Yala city on the same road while 80 kilometers up stream further south reached Banglang Dam. Patani Dam was constructed in 1968 and completed in 1980 , the Dam was said, able to benefit 5,280 hectares of cultivation areas in Khokpo , Yarang, Mayo, Nong Chik, Muang Patani, Panare districts of Patani Province and some parts of Muang Yala district of Yala Province.
Patani Dam - Down Stream View


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